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About us

Department of Biochemistry and Neurobiology is a new department at the Faculty of Materials Engineering and Ceramics founded to perform interdisciplinary research between the following scientific disciplines: Chemistry, Material Engineering, Biochemistry and Pharmacology. Research projects involve the following topics:



Peptide and protein chemistry


Identification of new metabolic pathways in central nervous system including the role of proteins in pathophysiology of drug addiction and pain. Isolation and identification of endogeneus substances (proteins, peptides) together with assessment of their functions.


Mass Spectrometry


Developnment and application of ultrasensitive techniques (nanotechnologies) that enable quantitative identification of endogenous substances including: identification of molecular mechanisms of addiction and involvement of functional proteome.




In vivo and in vitro research on the  biologically active (newly discovered) compounds, and determination of their function using various techniques including (but not limited to) antisense techniques, combinatorial libraries, cell models - for instance nervous cell in primary cultures, cancer lines, etc. Functional research on proteolytic enzyme inhibitors and their role as potential drugs in pathohysiology of addiction and pain.




Teaching includes lectures, seminars and laboratory practicals. Detailed description can be found on the appropriate pages.